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Kyla Lee Ward

A Weird Writer

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News and Updates

"A Whisper in the Death Pit" is a Stoker nominee!

My short story "Poison" has been reprinted in Among the Headstones: Creepy Tales from the Graveyard, ed. Rayne Hall, Rayne Hall Ltd, 2022.

My piece "The Blacker the Shadow" (analysing the Millennium episode "Weeds") appears in Outside In Wants to Believe: 156 new perspectives on 156 X-Files universe stories, ATB Publishing, 2021.

My essay on "Vampire Poetry" is featured in Penumbra #2 from Hippocampus Press.

I have a piece, "Wardrobe Malfunction" in Infectious Hope, an anthology of pandemic poetry which strangely enough, is full of horror writers...

My new short story, "A Whisper in the Death Pit", features in Weirdbook #44.

I will have a presence at this year's virtual Stokercon, hanging around in bars and appearing on the panel "Different Publishing Models" with J. G. Faherty, Gaby Triana, Michael Arnzen and Brian Matthews. If you're feeling game, download my reading!

The radio adaptation of the Deadhouse tale "Louisa Collins - A Poison Crown" is currently free-to-listen. I reprise my role as the Warden/Guide alongside most of the original cast.

"Should Fire Remember The Fuel?" is a Stoker nominee!

I have two new poems out - "The Siege" in the HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VII and "Lo Stregozza" in Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter Solstice 2020.

My new short story, "Should Fire Remember the Fuel?" has been published in the B-cubed Press anthology Oz Is Burning.

I am appearing at CoNZealand, the 78th World Science Fiction Convention, on several virtual panels. Look me up if you're interested in "The Art of the Review", hearing me read from my own work, improvising a ghost story with Elizabeth Knox and Frances Hardinge, or speed-writing poetry from audience prompts in the Speculative Poetry Deathmatch Thunderdome!

"The Macabre Modern" has placed third in the long form section of this year's Rhysling Awards!

"The Danse Macabre - an essay" has won the Rocky Wood award for non-fiction and criticism in this year's Australian Shadows Awards!

The poem "Boat of a Million Years" and my essay on the Danse Macabre, both from The Macabre Modern and Other Morbidities, are finalists for the 2019 Australian Shadows Awards.

The Horror Writers Association has published an extensive interview with me: Getting Weird With Poet Kyla Ward.

My new collection of dark poetry and prose, The Macabre Modern and Other Morbidities, is now available from P'rea Press!

I have won an Australian Shadows Award for my poem "Revenants of the Antipodes", as appearing in the HWA Poetry Showcase Volume V.

The NSW Writers Centre is holding their Speculative Fiction Festival in 29 June and I will be discussing "The Creeping Dread, the Frightful Scare" with Kaaron Warren, Rob Hood and Aaron Dries.

I'm attending StokerCon! Look for me on the panels "Coming-of-Age Horror in the Era of Netflix", "Exit Stage Death", and "Twisted Tropes – Making the Common Uncommon". I will also be giving a reading 9.00 am on Friday, March 10, along with Kathleen Kaufman and Ken MacGregor.

Stoker nominee! "And In Her Eyes The City Drowned" has made the final ballot for the 2018 Bram Stoker Award (short fiction).

My new poem, "Mourning Rites" has been published in The Audient Void #7!

My new collection of dark and fantastic poetry and art work will be released by P'rea Press in August 2019! Look for The Macabre Modern and Other Morbidities.

HWA member HWA member Australian Shadows Award winner Aurealis Awards winner Ditmar Awards finalist

Cemetery photo features In Memory of Lewis Mead 20 Apr 1881 by Julianne Smallwood. Taken by Lynne Roberts & Iain Triffitt. Used by permission.